How to deal with major life changes

Coaching supports you in coping more effectively with challenging phases in life. It can also be highly beneficial in preventing or healing burnout syndrome.


·      Do you have a tendency to sabotage yourself unconsciously, shortly before you succeed?

·      Have you ignored any physical or psychological signs of stress or other problems for a long period of time?

·      Have you experienced a major disappointment which is hard to overcome?

·      Have you lost your courage and energy and don’t really know how to go on – but you are expected to proceed with full strength?

·      Would you like to be able to achieve your objectives more easily?

·      Are you looking for a sparring partner who can assist with your personal growth?

My coaching will guide and teach you to utilize your thoughts and emotions to cope more easily with challenging situations.
Your spirit is more powerful than your body or your habits.

Your mental and emotional skills can be trained – as is the standard in top-class sport – so that you too can reach your targets more easily.

My professional skills and my personal life experience in overcoming internal and external crises are the power that I bring to my coaching work. My compassion and goal-orientation predestines me to guide you to achieve your goals. My methodology may sometimes seem unorthodox, but can be very effective.

How does a coaching take place?

The first coaching meeting will take approximately one to two hours, of which 30 minutes are free of charge.
It can happen that with this session your needs are already met.
Or you choose to proceed from one to the next session. Or, depending on your needs and situation, I will offer you a package of several coaching sessions.


In general, about half of the coaching sessions will take place outdoors in natural surroundings. We work while walking. It is a proven fact that integration of new ideas and skills occurs more easily while the body is in motion than when it is still.

If necessary and desired, I can also offer a “Mountain-Coaching”: Mountains have a particular, sometimes very strong, geomagnetic energy field. This unique energetic impact can be utilized if the subject is active in the mountain’s vicinity for a period of time. For these “Mountain-Coaching” sessions, we will go for a full day to a mountain whose energy field matches your individual needs.


Meeting place can be in the Zurich area or upper lake Zurich area.
E-mail me for further information and a first introductory meeting: