Teamcoaching in English

  • Are there any energies blocked or lying dormant in your team?
  • Are there any destructive mechanisms or automatism in your team?
  • Is your team not target focussed?
  • Do you wish more creativity and flexibility in your team?

Effective teams consist of individuals with different abilities and strengths. These individuals also have different needs and values which easily lead to disagreements. Mistakes as well as conflict naturally will arise from such disagreements and thus slow down the work flow and creativity.

In my Team-Coaching I pay major attention to the needs and values of the team members and will guide them through a process of new interpretation of their different needs and values. This will lead to more empathy and common ground betweeen the different individuals.

Also I am searching for any conscious or unconscious mechanisms or automatisms in the team which have some negative effects to the work flow of the team

I like to guide the team to recognize its potential and qualities as well as to discover any blocked energies. This leads to more creativity and a higher effectiveness.

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